Artist Statement  

I was born in TaylorsvilleN.C. but spent most of my childhood in Lancaster County and the surrounding area. I grew up in dilapidated farm houses; consequently, the texture of peeling paint, smell of decaying wood and the feeling of being surrounded by a fragile and dusty, yet protective dwelling has imprinted upon me. There is a great longing for that sense of safety and comfort to return.  As an artist, I chose to confront the reality that, once those illusions are shattered, and that innocence is lost, it can never be fully returned. However, I have come to hold the belief that people are more interesting and beautiful when the evidence of time has been allowed to occur and flaws are unapologetically present.  These ideas are reflected in my admiration for objects that are complexly layered or worn down.

 I often use the female form as an approach to engage in this conversation. The significance of wholeness has also been a primary point of exploration in my work.  I try to find a balance between leaving a piece open to possibilities while avoiding feelings of deficiency. The lack of physical wholeness is not a reflection of an individual’s completeness. My figures are not meant to look broken or defeated but rather poised, confident, and resilient.